Simply making a healthy and yummy yogurt at home with the Emiklo Yogurt Maker.

Open a sachet of Emiklo yogurt powder.

Step 1: Pour 450 ml of hand warm water into the Emiklo cup. Add the content of the sachet Emiklo powder. Close the cup and shake well. Add another 450 ml of hand warm water.

Step 2: Place the blue holder in the yogurt maker and pour boiling water into it until the blue holder is submerged.

Step 3: Place the cup with the yogurt base into the holder in the yogurt maker and close it.

Step 4: After ten hours, your yogurt is ready. Tasty and deliciously fresh!

Keep Emiklo yogurt fresh in the fridge.

Emiklo yogurt makes for a tasty dessert or can be frozen as yogurt ice.

You can find posts with recipes for Emiklo yogurt on our blog.

Emiklo always a yummy yogurt!